Start the McDVOICE McDonalds Survey.

Before taking the McDonalds Satisfaction Survey, read over these steps:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Choose either English or Spanish.
  3. Find the 26-Digit “Survey Code” near the top of your McDonalds receipt. Type the numbers in the fields at the middle of the page at
  4. Some receipts don’t have a printed survey code at the top. In that case, click on the blue link near the bottom of the page, then fill in the date of your visit, time of your visit, the Restaurant number, KS number, Order, and the total amount spent.  Finish by clicking on “Start”.
  5. You will be asked about the quality of the McDonalds items, the service/behavior of the  restaurant employees, as well as the appearance and cleanliness of the restaurant. Answer all the questions.
  6. Answer all the questions, then click on “Submit”.
  7. After filling out the McDVOICE survey, your personal Validation Code will be shown on the screen.
  8. Write the MCDVOICE Validation Code down, or alternatively take a screenshot. Write  the McDVOICE Validation Code on the line after the “Validation Code” on your original receipt.
  9. Go to your McDonalds restaurant of your choice and bring the receipt with the Validation Code with you. Show the coupon/receipt at the counter to redeem it.

If you are having trouble beginning the McDVOICE Survey, then share your issue in the comment section.


      1. I’m having the same trouble. I tried 4 times guessing at the number in one of the fields. Then it kicked me out and wouldn’t let me try again.

    1. I had issues with the new kiosk self-order entry; not appropriate for senior citizens that don’t even use smartphones.

    1. My receipt print didn’t work will I have 16 numbers 6022-13135-00061-5 store code restaurant 1662 Muncie Ind. 6/02/2020. I wasn’t real happy with my chicken sandwich

  1. l was at the McDonald a few days ago in Kenosha, Wi. Was going to fill out a survey but l cannot see all the numbers on my slip , what can l do.
    Thanks RT


    1. your prices r out of this world. Everytime I go in there, the price goes up. Why? Price goughing. If it wasnt for my son, we would never go there again for the prices u charge! Sometimes it is fair and other times the food is pure crap. I think a lot of people feel this way! I would like a response to this e mail asap!

  3. had good service .thanks for the meals for health care workers .my server name was Syivester .he was awesome at the Reidsville MD.

  4. Horrible service, no gloves worn, and charge you the price of a mcflurry when all you asked for was a soft serve with nothing on it!!

    1. I can’t get my survey to go thru and I’ve only had my receipt 5 days had thjs problem before and the last one in Novenver went thru very well. Haven’t done one in quite awhile and certainly not 4 or 5. So very disappointed.

  5. Your Product Is Overly Price. 3 Quarter Ponders With Cheese & 1 Medium French Fry. Does Not Worth Nearly $22.00. Your Company Should Ashamed Of Itself. You Just Lost A Customer If I Can Help It.

  6. Service was fine. My only problems (about 25% of the time) is getting to get my McD’s ap to
    work. I gave up on the “Deal” today as I was holding up the cars behind….and I couldn’t get it to

  7. This is the second time I have had sugar put in my senor coffee. I am a diabetic and have to watch my sugar. The first time was 27 May 2020 and again on 29 May 2020. Code of McDonalds’s Restaurant is
    # 13382, 2541 Castle Hayne Rd. Wilmington, NC 28405;
    I would a reply to this email. I guess I will have to visit Hardee’s for good service,

  8. I had a wonderful experience at the drive thru. The line was long but the personnel were cheerful.

  9. wanted 3 separate bags, each with 1 sauage egg mcmuffin and 2 hash browns. got only 4, instead of 6 hash browns

  10. Please tell me why , in the same town, I pay $1.00 for a plan hamburger at all the locations I go to and then I go to the one in Trexlertown and I pay $1.59. That is more than a bad way to run a business, 4 resturants I frequent, in a four mile radius, and the prices are different. at least wait till we’re out if thye state to rob us when we’re dumb enough to buy your inferior food. You should either charge more and serve real food, or discontinue the junk food. You’ve lost acustomer.

  11. We went to McDonald on Atwood ave in Johnston ri they so unfriendly an our order was thrown in the bag
    like yesterday trash.

  12. The store in Le Roy ,NY doesn’t turn on the outside lights at night if certain managers are working…..and good luck on getting ice cream ,until just recently …sad

  13. The wait was minimal and service was OK. I requested plain ice tea with a lemon wedge. I received tea without the wedge.
    Drive – thru order

  14. Always a pleasant experience to visit McDonald’s. Received my order just as I expected. Used drive thru.

  15. Hi,

    I’m trying to complete your online survey, and it says “The site can’t be reached”. Just wondering how to leave feedback.

    I had an unpleasant experience at the McDonald’s Restaurant #12353, 2217 N Green Valley, Henderson, NV, 89014. I drove up to the drive-thru speaker, a female voice said “hi”, and I said “hi” back. She made a sigh-like voice, so I thought she was tending to another customer at her window. She never said, “May I help you” or “Order when you’re ready”. After several minutes, she says, “Are you going to order anything?” I told her that I was waiting for her to ask “May I help you?” She replies, “Well, I said hello & greeted you.” Rude! When I pulled up to the first window, I paid the employee, who was actually polite, and then I asked him if I could please speak to the manager. When I told the manager what happened, he did apologize & asked if there was anything he could do for us. I just told him to please speak with his employee about being more polite. She assured me that she would be very polite when I pulled up to the next window. Wrong! She hands me my order & snarkily says, “Have a nice day!” On top of that, my drink was so overfilled that it spilled out as she handed it to me. If she did this on purpose, shame on her. If she overfills every person’s drink, that’s not right, either. I will NEVER return to this McDonald’s! I went to this McDonald’s because the one closest to my home on Valle Verde/Paseo Verde had a super-long drive-thru line; however, the employees at this one are so polite and friendly! I will NEVER go back to #12353…NEVER EVER!

  16. I appreciate that there are people able to do this work. I remember around May we were asked not to forget the waiters at our favorite restaurant. I am a homeless vet on disability so it’s just me. I don’t like eating by myself so I end up using the drive-thru mostly. To the point… I tip whomever is in Window 2 and Window 1. I just split it. Being somewhat, occasionally impulsive, I will tip equal to the price of my meal or double. I’m not rich but I do enjoy being polite and nice. I don’t play favorites and I try to select new people. Every person has been very nice.
    Until today. Today I had the displeasure of just a curt, rude and short. She wore no plastic gloves and she felt very warm. Her voice was monotonous lacking any warmth. She has learned to ask others when she doesn’t understand. She used to guess at what I was asking for, understanding little English. [email protected] she is having a bad day but not following basic sanitary and CDC guidelines plus not using common sense while working in food service insures I won’t come back here. Sorry. I like McDonalds. Especially the one on Old Peachtree.

  17. visited McDonalds in Millersville,Md.on Veterans Highway…horrible. waited over 20 minutes to place my order and another 15 minutes to get it. The worst thing was my order was wrong, I only ordered a 6 piece Happy meal for my grandaughter. It came with NO fries but did come with apples which I specifically told them she did not want. If I could have gotten out of line I would have but the design of the drive through does not permit anyone from getting out of line. When I went inside to complain the young lady acted like I was trying to rob them or steal something. I had my receipt in hand also. There are other fast food places and I think I’ll go there next time.

  18. I’m having the trouble because the numbers are not clear on the receipt. I tried 4 times guessing at the number in one of the fields. Then it kicked me out and wouldn’t let me try again.

  19. I have tried to enter my Survey Code but it is so hard to read that I have to guess on some of the numbers.k This is not fair — use more ink in your register… So how do I enter the Buy One Get One Free if I cannot read the survey number on my receipt???? Come on McDonalds do it right…

  20. I have been trying to post the Survey Code but it is so scrambled up and the cash register printed the code so badly I can’t read it and have had to guess at some of the numbers hoping to get it right… Come on McDonalds you can do this better –get your equipment working right..

  21. I tride to enter data for then survey code. It was hard to enter as as the receipt was unclear.
    I tried this several times but could not get it to work…

  22. i tried fill out the survey and when i get the first step down it will not let me go any further. It tells me error and to redo it again. I have done 4 times and the message comes back. Your system needs to be fixed. I never had trouble before but your new system does not work.

  23. We go there everyday and recognize most of the employees. They are very friendly!!!! But sometimes can’t read blurred receipt. Still love McDonalds

  24. Because the printing on the receipt is unreadable in some of the sections, I cannot complete the survey even though I tried a number times with guesses. This has happened before too.

  25. So much for BOGO promotional efficiency. Receipt is illegible all the way down to the total. You would think that if a business was offering a promotion that it would at least take the time to make everything on the up and up.

  26. Went to store #6630 on 12/3/2021 and ordered through the drive thru. I gave the order to a man and while waiting for him repeat my order a women ask to take my order. I repeated the order, paid at the pay window, and picked up my food and drove less than 5 minutes to eat my lunch.. All seemed normal except that the cost was about 70 cents more than the prior week for the same McDouble,small fries, and a senior coke at a different location. The worst part was the McDouble was cold as well as the fries, and the regular coke was actually a diet and was totally filled with ice and ver little soda. I tried to use my receipt to contact McDonalds, but the printer did not print all the numbers on my receipt. Disgusting experience.

  27. I drove to McDonalds today for 2 breakfast sandwiches. The sign advertised Egg McMuffins for $2.35 each. When I was told $11.25 for 2 breakfast sandwiches and 2 hash browns I almost flipped out. VERY EXPENSIVE for fast food and NOT true to advertising. The lady who took my money said “OH that’s for sandwiches without eggs” but the menu doesn’t explain that!! So $1 more for each egg!!! Twice the price of Burger King items. I was disappointed in price but sandwiches were good and slightly larger than BK. I would like to do survey but the print on receipt is terrible and the page would not accept the code I was given. You are supposedly a Christian institution and should be about your prices too. I red other revies that also said they couldn’t read their receipts too. YOU CAN DO BETTER.

  28. Don’t ever go to the McD’s on Young Rd. in Tonawanda NY. It’s been like every Friday nite for 10 years these jokers don’t know how to put tartar sauce on a fish sandwich. The tartar is either on the edge of the sandwich or on the side of the box. The manager, owner/operator, franchisee must either be retarded or blind to not see that the tartar never makes its way onto the sandwich. Why has this never been corrected in all these years? I’m surprised they even have one customer at that hodge podge establishment.

  29. Service was great and price was great also.Hard to find the right survey to fill out. Will be back for sure.

  30. Just like Winn Dixie, every time you go back the price was higher. Too bad its getting like Burger King with luke warm food.

  31. Bonjour,
    I’m meant to be filling in a receipt questionnaire because I get a bargain burger, But I can’t get through to the McDonalds questionnaire website courtesy of too much that comes up instead – even if I put the correct address in!!!

  32. Purchased the classic big mac pack on 2/15/22. Noted one number is missing in the survey code. tried all number 0-9 as a fill in and still none worked. So the survey code provided on the slip was not valid and so no survery could be filled. Wanted to report the hamburg on the big macs were way too small for the bun. The buns were old and broke up right away. The fries were cold and I live 2 miles from McDonalds and sadly the 20 chicken nuggets were cold and short by 3, so received only 17 nuggets. Not sure why the food was not up to McDonalds standards but it was. And my wife and I were disappointed.

    The McDonalds in question is restaurant 5387, 388 Elm Street Biddeford, Me 04005

  33. The cashier was very nasty an was treating me like a child very bad attitude she needs to be retrain in beings being respectfully to the customers of McDonald’s she has no respect at all my name is farouk Muhammad she’s the cashier at Tuckahoe McDonald’s it’s restaurant 12 597-36-336 Tuckahoe road is it day cashier I need for her to get retrained please and their phone number is 914-337-3027 thank you

  34. This store is over charging customers deliberately, Lilly the manager admitted it was intentional and refused to refund the over charge. That is a crime called bait and switch they can be litigated out of existence.

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