Start the McDVOICE McDonalds Survey.

Before taking the McDonalds Satisfaction Survey, read over these steps:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Choose either English or Spanish.
  3. Find the 26-Digit “Survey Code” near the top of your McDonalds receipt. Type the numbers in the fields at the middle of the page at
  4. Some receipts don’t have a printed survey code at the top. In that case, click on the blue link near the bottom of the page, then fill in the date of your visit, time of your visit, the Restaurant number, KS number, Order, and the total amount spent.  Finish by clicking on “Start”.
  5. You will be asked about the quality of the McDonalds items, the service/behavior of the  restaurant employees, as well as the appearance and cleanliness of the restaurant. Answer all the questions.
  6. Answer all the questions, then click on “Submit”.
  7. After filling out the McDVOICE survey, your personal Validation Code will be shown on the screen.
  8. Write the MCDVOICE Validation Code down, or alternatively take a screenshot. Write  the McDVOICE Validation Code on the line after the “Validation Code” on your original receipt.
  9. Go to your McDonalds restaurant of your choice and bring the receipt with the Validation Code with you. Show the coupon/receipt at the counter to redeem it.

If you are having trouble beginning the McDVOICE Survey, then share your issue in the comment section.

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      1. Your survey is corrupted I’ve entered the survey code least four times and it says it needs all the numbers which I placed in. Besides having an inoperable kiosk and a lack of support staff at McDonald’s in Englewood 80110 I have decided not to participate or use any McDonald’s apps or surveys. No wonder your company is failing since the last executive director of the program. I’m going to take my business to Wendy’s or Burger King cuz I don’t think that you are worth spending any time or money especially for the 14 plus grandkids that we have.

      2. I used the drive-up. The food was ok. But the individuals at the windows need a lesson on how to treat the general public. They could at least say hello and speak up so you can hear what they are saying.

      1. I’m having the same trouble. I tried 4 times guessing at the number in one of the fields. Then it kicked me out and wouldn’t let me try again.

        1. Three times I have gotten receipts and numbers missing and I went through every number in the one that was missing and still didn’t work and then it kicked me off. They need to get new ink so people can read the receipts

      2. I agreed with you ! The ink is terrible you can’t read it to do a survey.
        The employees are not friendly. Hand your order and never speak!

      3. I had the same problem. I tried 4 times to put in my survey numbers and it rejected me. I checked the numbers each time and don’t understand why I couldn’t do the survey. I guess I won’t be getting my buy one get one.

        1. We go every week and most of the time every morning. Now it tells me we can not do more than 5 times so to try next month. Guess we will have to go somewhere else most of the time.
          Limit McD to 5 times.

      1. Same here I never use the kiosk anymore because. something always goes wrong so I have to get an employee to do it right. So when I dine inside I go directly to the counter to order my food.

      2. I received bad service again at McDonald’s. A common occurance in recent years. Careful McDonald’s you better get serious about your prices, poor food quality and MUSSING AND/OR INCORRECT FOOD ITEMS. I have a validation code to try to feed my kids again. You starved them last visit after $18 purchase and they couldn’t even be bothered to answer the phone they just want to argue with your customers.

      3. Wow…and now seniors can’t manage a phone? That’s McDonald’s excuse for lousy service at outrageous prices. Goodbye golden arches. Your greed has killed you dead.

    1. no it was aweful it took them 15 minutes to make a lg carmel ice coffee and a lg carmel frappe with extra carmel then when i said something to a manager she was very rude to mep

    2. The experience was okay they forgot to ask me about whatever that was that was at the board that said if you forget to ask you get something free I didn’t think about it until I drove off

      1. The experience was all right they forgot to ask me about if I wanted whatever it was it was on the board at the beginning of the drive up and I didn’t think about it until I drove off

    3. Having trouble getting code off my receipt.I have tried many different ways..But would like to get the code for a free sandwich!

    4. The McDonald on west st. Lima Ohio has a fast and friendly service and the management under Tina is great.

    5. I go to McDonald’s every week, we get maybe 10 or more cheese burgers for us and our dogs. Alot of chicken m nuggets as well for our dogs.
      I’ve done the survey several times but it was before Christmas and we couldn’t use them. I have tried a new one this evening and they say they can’t take because of info . I put in the exact numbers. Idk what happens but I got a reply that was in a way I was stalking. I will never ever go back. They just lost a lot of business. I was doing this survey for when I was out doing errands. I am highly unhappy about this experience and yes it was within the 7 days

    6. The survey code on the receipt is light you can’t read it. I suggest you put some of your profits into a system you can read! After three tries you kicked me out – not happy!!

    7. On Saturday, February 25 I entered the drive-through at McDonald’s number 1186 Shrewsbury St. Louis, MO 63119. I have been trying to enter my code for the survey and it’s saying that I do not have the right code I can be reached at area code, are you could email me at Fields order number was 75 and it was 2:35 PM. Please look into this matter I would greatly like to redeem my fat one get one free quarter pounder please and thank you.

      1. ME TOO! i have not gotten my REgularly given(this system is screwed UP Big time right now! I always fill out a survey when I go to McD’s but was not given anything I can use!! I NEED Nt FREE Stuff Please.! God KNows, how much FREE and SENIOR discounted stuff Helps these days! I WANT My STuff, PLEASE!

      WHAT?? U TOOK THE SENIORS DISCOUNT AWAY..BYE, BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. I ask for a egg and cheese biscuit. They didn’t get it correct with the first bag she gave me. She said wait, wait that wasn’t what you ordered. She had to make the right biscuit. I ordered a large extra caramel drink and paid for extra. No more than normal caramel was on it!! The biscuit was cold

    1. My receipt print didn’t work will I have 16 numbers 6022-13135-00061-5 store code restaurant 1662 Muncie Ind. 6/02/2020. I wasn’t real happy with my chicken sandwich

    2. The place was clean the manager was rude went there for lunch at the white rock store in rancho Cordova quarter pounder good fries.were cold soda didn’t taste right went in too apply for a job sign said acquire within manager will not talk too me have work for fast food for over 20 years

  1. l was at the McDonald a few days ago in Kenosha, Wi. Was going to fill out a survey but l cannot see all the numbers on my slip , what can l do.
    Thanks RT


    1. your prices r out of this world. Everytime I go in there, the price goes up. Why? Price goughing. If it wasnt for my son, we would never go there again for the prices u charge! Sometimes it is fair and other times the food is pure crap. I think a lot of people feel this way! I would like a response to this e mail asap!

    2. You may have noticed also that you’re being charged for stuff that would normally come with an item but are now considered extras. I ordered a plain biscuit. They usually ask if you want strawberry or grape jam and throw a couple into the bag. Not anymore. My cost for a dirty stained packet of jam? 30 cents. I also got charged for syrup for my pancakes-50 cents. A cup of ice will cost you $1. Now they don’t even fill the coffee cup to the designated line inside the cup- which they established as being the correct amount so it’s not an arbitrary measure. Seems like any dope could fill to a designated line but not at McDonalds

  3. had good service .thanks for the meals for health care workers .my server name was Syivester .he was awesome at the Reidsville MD.

  4. Horrible service, no gloves worn, and charge you the price of a mcflurry when all you asked for was a soft serve with nothing on it!!

    1. I can’t get my survey to go thru and I’ve only had my receipt 5 days had thjs problem before and the last one in Novenver went thru very well. Haven’t done one in quite awhile and certainly not 4 or 5. So very disappointed.

  5. Your Product Is Overly Price. 3 Quarter Ponders With Cheese & 1 Medium French Fry. Does Not Worth Nearly $22.00. Your Company Should Ashamed Of Itself. You Just Lost A Customer If I Can Help It.

    1. I always used the drive thru. I always try to the frozen Blue Raspberry. But either the machine isn’t working or they don’t have the Blue Raspberry. This is the Webb City Mo. McDonald’s . Service is always good. The cashiers are always sweet and polite. I go 4 times a week. To get a frozen drink. They are yummy.

    1. I went 2 days in a row for decaf coffee they said they dont make it until someone want it other times ive gotten decaf coffee and it is so strong i couldnt drink it i always brag on how good mcdonalds coffee is now i dont know how its going to taste when i get it

  6. Service was fine. My only problems (about 25% of the time) is getting to get my McD’s ap to
    work. I gave up on the “Deal” today as I was holding up the cars behind….and I couldn’t get it to

  7. This is the second time I have had sugar put in my senor coffee. I am a diabetic and have to watch my sugar. The first time was 27 May 2020 and again on 29 May 2020. Code of McDonalds’s Restaurant is
    # 13382, 2541 Castle Hayne Rd. Wilmington, NC 28405;
    I would a reply to this email. I guess I will have to visit Hardee’s for good service,

  8. wanted 3 separate bags, each with 1 sauage egg mcmuffin and 2 hash browns. got only 4, instead of 6 hash browns

  9. Please tell me why , in the same town, I pay $1.00 for a plan hamburger at all the locations I go to and then I go to the one in Trexlertown and I pay $1.59. That is more than a bad way to run a business, 4 resturants I frequent, in a four mile radius, and the prices are different. at least wait till we’re out if thye state to rob us when we’re dumb enough to buy your inferior food. You should either charge more and serve real food, or discontinue the junk food. You’ve lost acustomer.

  10. We went to McDonald on Atwood ave in Johnston ri they so unfriendly an our order was thrown in the bag
    like yesterday trash.

  11. The store in Le Roy ,NY doesn’t turn on the outside lights at night if certain managers are working…..and good luck on getting ice cream ,until just recently …sad

  12. The wait was minimal and service was OK. I requested plain ice tea with a lemon wedge. I received tea without the wedge.
    Drive – thru order

  13. Hi,

    I’m trying to complete your online survey, and it says “The site can’t be reached”. Just wondering how to leave feedback.

    I had an unpleasant experience at the McDonald’s Restaurant #12353, 2217 N Green Valley, Henderson, NV, 89014. I drove up to the drive-thru speaker, a female voice said “hi”, and I said “hi” back. She made a sigh-like voice, so I thought she was tending to another customer at her window. She never said, “May I help you” or “Order when you’re ready”. After several minutes, she says, “Are you going to order anything?” I told her that I was waiting for her to ask “May I help you?” She replies, “Well, I said hello & greeted you.” Rude! When I pulled up to the first window, I paid the employee, who was actually polite, and then I asked him if I could please speak to the manager. When I told the manager what happened, he did apologize & asked if there was anything he could do for us. I just told him to please speak with his employee about being more polite. She assured me that she would be very polite when I pulled up to the next window. Wrong! She hands me my order & snarkily says, “Have a nice day!” On top of that, my drink was so overfilled that it spilled out as she handed it to me. If she did this on purpose, shame on her. If she overfills every person’s drink, that’s not right, either. I will NEVER return to this McDonald’s! I went to this McDonald’s because the one closest to my home on Valle Verde/Paseo Verde had a super-long drive-thru line; however, the employees at this one are so polite and friendly! I will NEVER go back to #12353…NEVER EVER!

    1. The young man I enjoyed each morning was put in the kitchen area. Someone said he was talking too much to customers. He used to brighten my mornings every day. Shame on the manager. Who, by the way, is very rude.

    1. I tried different #s, because 2nd set of #s faded out! Has happened several times this summer, so havent been able to use the special s. We still stop, as food good, & so handy off i-29.

  14. I appreciate that there are people able to do this work. I remember around May we were asked not to forget the waiters at our favorite restaurant. I am a homeless vet on disability so it’s just me. I don’t like eating by myself so I end up using the drive-thru mostly. To the point… I tip whomever is in Window 2 and Window 1. I just split it. Being somewhat, occasionally impulsive, I will tip equal to the price of my meal or double. I’m not rich but I do enjoy being polite and nice. I don’t play favorites and I try to select new people. Every person has been very nice.
    Until today. Today I had the displeasure of just a curt, rude and short. She wore no plastic gloves and she felt very warm. Her voice was monotonous lacking any warmth. She has learned to ask others when she doesn’t understand. She used to guess at what I was asking for, understanding little English. M@ybe she is having a bad day but not following basic sanitary and CDC guidelines plus not using common sense while working in food service insures I won’t come back here. Sorry. I like McDonalds. Especially the one on Old Peachtree.

  15. visited McDonalds in Millersville,Md.on Veterans Highway…horrible. waited over 20 minutes to place my order and another 15 minutes to get it. The worst thing was my order was wrong, I only ordered a 6 piece Happy meal for my grandaughter. It came with NO fries but did come with apples which I specifically told them she did not want. If I could have gotten out of line I would have but the design of the drive through does not permit anyone from getting out of line. When I went inside to complain the young lady acted like I was trying to rob them or steal something. I had my receipt in hand also. There are other fast food places and I think I’ll go there next time.

  16. I’m having the trouble because the numbers are not clear on the receipt. I tried 4 times guessing at the number in one of the fields. Then it kicked me out and wouldn’t let me try again.

  17. I have tried to enter my Survey Code but it is so hard to read that I have to guess on some of the numbers.k This is not fair — use more ink in your register… So how do I enter the Buy One Get One Free if I cannot read the survey number on my receipt???? Come on McDonalds do it right…

  18. I have been trying to post the Survey Code but it is so scrambled up and the cash register printed the code so badly I can’t read it and have had to guess at some of the numbers hoping to get it right… Come on McDonalds you can do this better –get your equipment working right..

    1. Before I leave this flemington, NJ restaurant, (I don’t like drive throughs, so I walk in to order my food) I look at the receipt. If I can’t read the numbers, i ask to see the manager or someone who can get me the mgr. I tell them that I cannot read the numbers and they look at the receipt and they’ve taken the time to write in the correct numbers. I had no problem going back with that handwritten number and order what I like to get.

  19. I tride to enter data for then survey code. It was hard to enter as as the receipt was unclear.
    I tried this several times but could not get it to work…

  20. i tried fill out the survey and when i get the first step down it will not let me go any further. It tells me error and to redo it again. I have done 4 times and the message comes back. Your system needs to be fixed. I never had trouble before but your new system does not work.

  21. We go there everyday and recognize most of the employees. They are very friendly!!!! But sometimes can’t read blurred receipt. Still love McDonalds

  22. Because the printing on the receipt is unreadable in some of the sections, I cannot complete the survey even though I tried a number times with guesses. This has happened before too.

  23. So much for BOGO promotional efficiency. Receipt is illegible all the way down to the total. You would think that if a business was offering a promotion that it would at least take the time to make everything on the up and up.

  24. Went to store #6630 on 12/3/2021 and ordered through the drive thru. I gave the order to a man and while waiting for him repeat my order a women ask to take my order. I repeated the order, paid at the pay window, and picked up my food and drove less than 5 minutes to eat my lunch.. All seemed normal except that the cost was about 70 cents more than the prior week for the same McDouble,small fries, and a senior coke at a different location. The worst part was the McDouble was cold as well as the fries, and the regular coke was actually a diet and was totally filled with ice and ver little soda. I tried to use my receipt to contact McDonalds, but the printer did not print all the numbers on my receipt. Disgusting experience.

  25. I drove to McDonalds today for 2 breakfast sandwiches. The sign advertised Egg McMuffins for $2.35 each. When I was told $11.25 for 2 breakfast sandwiches and 2 hash browns I almost flipped out. VERY EXPENSIVE for fast food and NOT true to advertising. The lady who took my money said “OH that’s for sandwiches without eggs” but the menu doesn’t explain that!! So $1 more for each egg!!! Twice the price of Burger King items. I was disappointed in price but sandwiches were good and slightly larger than BK. I would like to do survey but the print on receipt is terrible and the page would not accept the code I was given. You are supposedly a Christian institution and should be about your prices too. I red other revies that also said they couldn’t read their receipts too. YOU CAN DO BETTER.

  26. Don’t ever go to the McD’s on Young Rd. in Tonawanda NY. It’s been like every Friday nite for 10 years these jokers don’t know how to put tartar sauce on a fish sandwich. The tartar is either on the edge of the sandwich or on the side of the box. The manager, owner/operator, franchisee must either be retarded or blind to not see that the tartar never makes its way onto the sandwich. Why has this never been corrected in all these years? I’m surprised they even have one customer at that hodge podge establishment.

  27. Just like Winn Dixie, every time you go back the price was higher. Too bad its getting like Burger King with luke warm food.

  28. Bonjour,
    I’m meant to be filling in a receipt questionnaire because I get a bargain burger, But I can’t get through to the McDonalds questionnaire website courtesy of too much that comes up instead – even if I put the correct address in!!!

  29. Purchased the classic big mac pack on 2/15/22. Noted one number is missing in the survey code. tried all number 0-9 as a fill in and still none worked. So the survey code provided on the slip was not valid and so no survery could be filled. Wanted to report the hamburg on the big macs were way too small for the bun. The buns were old and broke up right away. The fries were cold and I live 2 miles from McDonalds and sadly the 20 chicken nuggets were cold and short by 3, so received only 17 nuggets. Not sure why the food was not up to McDonalds standards but it was. And my wife and I were disappointed.

    The McDonalds in question is restaurant 5387, 388 Elm Street Biddeford, Me 04005

  30. The cashier was very nasty an was treating me like a child very bad attitude she needs to be retrain in beings being respectfully to the customers of McDonald’s she has no respect at all my name is farouk Muhammad she’s the cashier at Tuckahoe McDonald’s it’s restaurant 12 597-36-336 Tuckahoe road is it day cashier I need for her to get retrained please and their phone number is 914-337-3027 thank you

  31. This store is over charging customers deliberately, Lilly the manager admitted it was intentional and refused to refund the over charge. That is a crime called bait and switch they can be litigated out of existence.

    1. I applied for a part-time job! I chatted with Sam,no matter what job i ask about he said no openings,at first it seam like he thought I was looking for a maintenance job! I finally go around i was looking for a part-time job at one of restaurant! No matter what job i came up he said no openings! I true felt that I was being discriminated because of my age,I’m veteran or like I could or was able to do what ever job I’m give! I run circles around the people i work with now and there half my age or younger! I’m a real hard worker, I’m loyal to the company I have worked for now and past! I was looking for a part-time job to help with my bill! I’m not looking for handout ,I’m just looking for a part-time job! My age and whatever should not matter! U can contact my past employer and everyone would give me great reviews and even wish I would come back to the company!

  32. So disappointed ordered 2a cheeseburger cold and watery gross way to much ketchup. No fries they would not fix my order wanted me to upcharge and pay over 3:00$ for reg. Fries. Just way too ignorant to fix my order and to young more training. Horrible customer service I won’t be returning soon.

  33. Went to McDonalds in Batesville, Arkansas yesterday. Ordered a quarter pounder with cheese meal total cost was $9.78 Sandwitch had cold meat in it. Pickles and catsup was all piled together in one spot in the sandwitch, not spread out. Fries were cold and tasted like they were leftovers for some time. At the window where I received the food, I asked for catsup and was told “it’s in the sack”, however when I opened the sack the only catsup was a small wad inside the sandwitch. The only good thing about this meal was the Dr. Pepper drink. I went through the drive through, therefore was parked away from the restaurant in about two minutes, so couldn’t register an immediate complaint. I will not get food here again. Surely as popular as McDonalds is, you can do better than this.

  34. Have not been to McD’s for a long time. Went for lunch & order a strawberry shake! When my husband got home we had A smoothie!! It tasted like a strawberry banana, which I hate & it went right in the garbage!! Went to take the survey deleted some numbers that were wrong & now they have blocked me from taking the survey. If this is how the customers are treated I guess it will even be really long before we go back

  35. I use to be happy with McDonald’s, the food wasn’t too bad and the convenience was great. Recently I can’t even begin to guess what is happening. I never seem to have a problem paying for my items. The problem is the person on the drive-thru taking the orders (when you need to repeat more than twice) okay I get it those machines are a problem sometimes. Biggest complaint (5.15.2022), are you kidding me? I waited 45 minutes in a FAST FOOD line for my order. Thirty of those minutes after paying for my food which means only 1-2 cars ahead of me. I watched as the first car had only a drink and a small bag, the 2nd car 2 Happy Meals those orders took forever. MY TURN: I get to the window to be handed a medium soda (wrong size), five minutes later a vanilla cone, then I sit there for an additional 7 minutes for someone to ask what my order was. I am now only waiting for one burger with only ketchup and onions…nothing more. Asked 2 more times what I was waiting on. SERIOUSLY???

  36. Tried to use the survey for free burger or egg sandwich. Would not accept my numbers. I was using
    receipt for the day before so had not expired. What is with this problem? Stinks!!

  37. on May5 2022, i went to your to store #3974. i got two sandwiches, the receipt i got back was unreadable. i have try about five times to read and enter the number but it was not accepted.
    again the numbers on the receipt was not readable. Ray Nichols

  38. Tried to call up “easy” PROMO” (on receipt) … couldn’t find WHICH survey was appropriate. Then … it’s ALL that stuff:
    Personal info including an account; password and all the garbage. I just want a “SIMPLE” survey and complimentary sandwich. I’m starved and worn out. Besides … my finger hurts.

  39. I completed a survey this morning regarding the bad service and the bad food we experienced last evening at an area McDonalds. But, your survey doesn’t ask for names, phone numbers, emails, etc. How do you respond to anyone? I feel we have a refund coming for $19.70.

  40. Even though we visited the McD and only purchased 2 drinks, we were still pleasantly greeted and served. We enjoy having a McD in our small town. It is so convenient.

  41. The refurbished restaurant is very clean, quiet and comfortable.
    I appreciate being able to drink my latte and read my book in peace and quiet, in contrast to your competitors who have loud and blaring music along with loud voices of staff and clanging equipment.

  42. every Sunday we go shopping for groceries early, then go get sausage mcmuffin w’ egg sands. and take them home and eat breakfast along with our own OJ and coffee. We love this sandwitch soooo much! And the cur;b survice is good at our M D. We are in our 90’s and save every way we can.

  43. I have always been a huge fan of McDonalds french fries until today. You would think that by going through the drive thru around noon your fries would be hot and fresh. Unfortunately that was not the case today. My large fries were cold, stale and unedible. I am not sure I want anymore. I am extremely diasappointed.

  44. I can’t read the Survey Code numbers on the receipt. I’ve tried multiple times!!! However, the ink on the receipt is terrible!

  45. I can’t read the Survey Code numbers on the receipt. I’ve tried multiple times!!! However, the ink on the receipt is terrible!! Also, I ordered a Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich. When I got home, I had a Spicy Chicken Sandwich. I had to make a trip all the way back to McDonald’s to correct my order!

  46. Ordered a Big Mac with xtra onion xtra lettuce, the burger patty’s were cold and tasted like they were cooked the day before and did not get xtra lettuce and onion. Very Disappointed as I do not frequent McDonalds very often and now I know why.. I do not understand why the establishment got away from cooking fresh from the grill!! The McDonalds I visited was 13 Mile Warren, Mi.

  47. Food was good. Wait time was good also.. Have nothing negative to say, except, things are starting to get a little pricy.

  48. I was unable to enter the survey, reason, when they printed my receipt the printing was not readable. The first digits did not print, and so I could not enter. And I couldn’t enter KS# either.Nothing was readable.

  49. Would be nice if web site have coded for coupon waisted four minets doing questions and then site crashed good going McDonald’s

  50. I put in the correct survey code three different times and it would not take it.I only visit my Mcdonalds in lake Nona Narcoossee Rd # 37193.Best of any Mcdonalds I have ever eaten in. My concern was with the mobile app.I use it all the time.When I tried to get on and order this afternoon it said it was down.I asked the employee was it possible to put my reward points on my account without using the app.I couldn’t.I spent 22.96 which would have given me several more points.
    Thank you and thanks to my loyal employees that show up for work every morning so I can get my order at 4:30 am.

  51. Store 30873, 10/22/2022, 1:55 pm.
    21 minutes to get a one sandwich order.
    3 people working in the entire restaurant.

  52. I visited the McDonalds on Main Street Ofallon Mo. on both 10/30/22 at about 1pm and 10/31/22 at 12:30pm. On the first visit an Asian man in a blue shirt behind the counter very rudely refused to take my order and told us all to use the kiosk. In today’s visit a short woman with glasses and a dark blue shirt that said K-9 also refused to take our order and was VERY rude to 2 elderly customers telling them she couldn’t help them. They had no idea how to use the kiosk and wanted to pay cash. They walked out. This restaurant has been extremely rude to my wife in her last visits in the AM. During both of my visits I was not given a receipt, The fries were cold on the first visit as was my Big Mac. Another customer left so mad he left yelling at the Asian manager who seemed to think his lousy service was funny. The owner of this place needs to take charge, fire this terrible manager and fix this pitiful bunch. I understand these are minumum wage jobs but this behavior is terrible. We come here once a week and in months and years past have had good kind service. It has now become offensive to visit here. Everyone in the lobby was upset during both of these visits. I hope they also informed you as to what goes on here. This needs to stop or the place should be closed.

  53. Third try at McDonald at Riverdale and I-285. I went inside since the previous two visits through drive-thru were horrible waits. Went inside to find three people standing in the serving area on their phones – reading and texting. When I asked for service, I was told to place my own order. When I couldn’t find what I wanted, one person came over and couldn’t find it either.
    Servers were rude, unresponsive, and were seriously out of touch with their work. I think one was the manager, which would explain much of the problem. Poor management is killing what was once a great place. Please get your act together.

  54. I tired four times to enter the Survey Code printed on my receipt, but my entry was not accepted. My McDonald’s location is brand new to our areas, so maybe the store code is “inactive” at this time.

    That’s too bad because I wanted to record positive results from my recent visit.

  55. This week was the first time we visited McDonalds since covid. We were shocked…we ordered the fried chicken sandwich meal. I ordered coffee…it was cold when it came and the cream was curdled. The chicken must have been cooked the day before…was barely warm. The servers were not friendly nor helpful. They were frustrated that I had to ask for a hot cup of coffee. The employees at the Quinton, Va. location really need customer service training. Sad

  56. Having problems getting to take the survey but I am going to tell our experience this morning, we were sitting inside eating breakfast (8:23 AM) when one of the employees is sweeping while there was people eating and when I asked her to NOT to sweep around us while we ate, she said something under her breath then kept sweeping. We couldn’t believe how how rude she was. This was at store#1921.

  57. Having tried multiple times to enter the needed code, I was finally locked out. I notice that quite a number of comments noted that the ink on the receipt was not legible. There have been multiple times that we have visited the drive thru with less than stellar results. Greasy Quarter Pounders w/ Cheese, unwelcoming staff, poorly printed receipts, etc. I am inclined to visit other vendors rather than coming back to the Golden Arches. Scale of 1-5, probably a 2.

  58. Alvin at the Barnesville Mcdinalds is amazing! He is always in the best mood, he is funny, and caring, and I love when he is working! He is amazing with people! I hear it from people all over town as well! Great job Alvin!

  59. I’ve been coming here for a loooooong time and it’s GREAT !!!! every time I come; “I’m Lovin’ it” !!!

  60. I just recently left Mcdonalds in Franklinton, Louisiana and i must say the remodel looks very nice. The workers look more excited then me. They sat me down, brought me my food and brought me a refill. Most definitely a restaurant setting and convenient for the location.

  61. I have been coming to mcds 5-6 times a week (breakfast/lunch/dinner) for over 30 years here in Sacramento. NO MORE! All of the local mcds have raised their already outrageous prices AGAIN (+30 cents for a small fry!). I can no longer afford your prices. And they even still advertise a $1,$2,$3 menu – BUT THERE IS NOTHING FOR A DOLLAR!!!!How can you advertise what you don’t sell? The manager I spoke with about this was rude and very UNcaring. He didn’t seem to care at all that he was losing a customer. The employees say they haven’t been getting raises….where is this windfall of money going? I’ll tell you – corporate GREED. GREED. You should be ashamed. I am disgusted with a company I used to like and support. My money is now going ELSEWHERE. Are you happy?

  62. This survey will not let you go forward to the survey because it won’t let you put in the 26 digit survey code every time I put it in it says error. I’ve done this five different times. Well whatever. We went to this McDonald’s here in West Knoxville Tennessee, the order was wrong the french fries were cold so we drove around. Told the girl french fries are cold. She got rude asked us to pull up and she would bring us fresh french fries out. Needless to say we waited there 10 minutes and drove back around and asked to speak to the manager . She gave us fresh french fries, but in that time we had already eaten our two hamburgers, which were wrong one was so salty. I couldn’t even hardly get it down my throat. We took issue about how rude the lady at the drive-in was, and asked that the manager at least speak to this young lady sense as you know, we pay their paychecks I doubt that she even spoke to her never again will I go to this restaurant in fact, I’m going to put McDonald’s on my never to go to list again , I can’t understand with the price of your food it’s been this bad and you all seem to not care and you won’t do anything about it so you’ve lost my business forever oh and by the way, my first job was at McDonald’s making $1.60 an hour and I can guarantee you that my manager there when I was 17 years old would not tolerate this kind of bad service. I am now 68 years old and I guarantee you I will never come to one of your restaurants again .

  63. The white lady that work 10/15/2023 was rude yeah she gave my daughter new 3 nuggets and fries but had a stank attitude and I said thank you no response.

  64. The surveys are a joke. The ink on the receipt is not legible in half of my purchases and when you do finally get a legible receipt, it will not accept the numbers to get the free sandwich, It’s really not worth ones time and patience to try to get a free sandwich. Additionally, they need to train their workers.

  65. I don’t have a receipt. One McDonald’s was out of paper and the other out of the food we wanted. so how can I take a survey?

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